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When you have an emergency as far as a plumbing situation, there will be no wondering what has happened, as you will be able to see right away that something is terribly wrong.

You may have a leak that is beginning to get out of hand, on one that has already gotten to the uncontrollable stage, and you may have serious flooding of backup of pipes into the sinks, tubs, showers and drains.

It is always a good idea for any homeowner to know where the shut-off valve is for the main water supply to the house. The worst time to go searching for it if you don’t know where it is located is when you already have a plumbing emergency. So locate it, and write a note on your refrigerator if you have to, so you can shut the water off if you need to.

You should also make contact with some of the local plumbing companies and find out what their policies are for emergency services. Some of them won’t want to bother, but there will be some who will advertise as such, that they are available on a 24 hours basis. Of course, the cost is going to be much higher for emergencies, but at that point you may be talking about serious damage to your house, so cost is not going to be your most major concern.

If you find someone who looks like they may be a candidate, just stop by and pay them a visit and inquire if they have any special discounts or plans that would come into play if you should ever have an emergency, such as a leaking pipe, a flood, or a busted out hot water heater.

Some local plumbing companies may have such a plan, but at least, you can find out their terms and their rates, so at least you can be prepared for that. Then too, you will get to know a plumber on a face to face basis and you may want to have a shower or a toilet installed someday.

However, if you have an emergency, you will be ready. No one really anticipates a plumbing emergency, and that is usually why it can become an emergency very quickly. This is especially true if you have a pipe burst somewhere in the living area of your house. You will certainly notice that fairly rapidly and this is a time when you will need to know where your shut off valve for your water is located.

You may have a pipe that is leaking from under a bathroom sink in an upstairs bathroom, and you may find out about it be seeing the wet and dripping ceiling in your living room. You will immediately know that you have a problem, and you can run and shut off the water.

When you call the Seattle plumber, he will know who you are from your previous visit, and he will be prepared to come and help you. This is why it is always a good policy to get to know people in the various trades before you actually need to use them.

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