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Activities All Tourists Should Do At Least Once In Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv is a beautiful place to travel to and it boasts a number of activities for tourists to partake in when they travel there for the first time. In fact, you’d be quite surprised that some of the best tourist destinations are actually free! Once you check yourself into a hotel or hostel in Israel, here are a few activities that we recommend you try:

*All tourists should experience what a true Middle Eastern market is like, and none is more famous in Tel Aviv than the Carmel Market. The sounds of busy hagglers, colorful textiles, and wonderful aromas make the trip to the market a worthwhile experience, even if you never end up making a purchase. However, if you’re keen on taking home a souvenir or two, you can test your haggling chops and get a better price on your purchases.

*Sporting a whopping 10km of fine beaches, you can catch some rays on the sand in no time. In fact, you can still see the cityscape in the background but get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy city. Since Israel’s summers are hot and long, you’ll be glad that you took advantage of another sunny day at the beach.

*If you much prefer the older parts of Tel Aviv as opposed to the modern city, then you’re in for a treat with the streets of Old Jaffa. Winding and narrow alleyways allow you to peruse old dwellings and while you’re there, we recommend that you once again try haggling at the local flea market.

*You can’t leave Israel without enjoying local cuisine at least once! There are many high-end restaurants that offer a truly fine dining experience that no tourist should miss. In fact, Tel Aviv is home to some of the most naturally talented chefs in the world.

*If you’re looking to spend a day honing your refined ways, then the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is a fantastic way to see some of the local cultural heritage. Along with master painters Van Gogh, Chagall, and Monet, you can spot works of art by Israeli artists that have been recognized internationally for their achievements. 

*Tel Aviv is known as The White City due to its evolving cityscape dotted with Bauhaus buildings. The modern architecture is truly a work of art and well worth a second look if you’re a tourist there for the first time. Buildings worth noting can be spotted on Bialik and Dizengoff streets.

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Tel Aviv is a beautiful place teeming with culture and modern architecture. It has something to offer everyone, whether you’re into modern amenities and fine dining or you’d much prefer to haggle in the local marketplace and experience the old world charm of Israel. One thing that all tourists can agree on is the warm summers and 300 sunny days a year make it one of the best destinations in the world! If you are looking for a cheap Tel Aviv hostel, I recommend either Overstay TLV or Abraham hostel.

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