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Monthly Archives: January 2016

I think that we have all been there before. Partying a little too hard on New Years. What has been your worst New Year’s day hangover? I want to hear from you.


On Thursday, I went clubbing in NYC for NYE. I decided to order bottle service with Birthdays and Bottles, one of New York’s leading bottle service providers and party planners. It was a crazy night! We were a group of 10 (5 guys, 5 girls – perfect ratio!) and we all had a blast. At least from what we remember.

We started the night off at Times Square, but it got a little too crazy for us. So we decided to pregame at a pub close-by. Luckily, Josh at Birthdays and Bottles was able to reserve us a last minute table at Bounce Sports bar and our night started off without a hitch and only continued to get better. Then Birthdays and Bottles were able to arrange us hassle free entrance to the VIP Room where we had bottle service and even get us into Open House at the end of the night where we drunkenly finished things off. Well, where we as a group finished things off, if you know what I mean ;).

Here’s why i highly suggest planning your next New York City party with Birthdays and Bottles.

  1. They take care of everything. For free! Honestly. I just had to call them up, tell them where I wanted to go, and that was that. That easy. I assume that they get a cut from the venues, which is pretty sweet.
  2. They have partnerships with some of NYC’s hottest venues. When you are not well connected in the nightlife industry in New York, it can be rather difficult to get in to certain venues. Birthdays and Bottles has relationships with some of NYC’s most exclusive bars and clubs. Making it rather easy to book a party there.
  3. They really care about you having a good time. I was amazed at the remarkable customer service that was given to our group. Especially on New Year’s Eve, a crazy busy party night. Josh and his team made sure that we got in everywhere and had a blast.
  4. They make you feel like a VIP. For me, I rarely am one to splurge, but this year was different. Being able to get in to these exclusive venues with no problem felt great. I could get used to that feeling.


If you think that you would like to use Birthdays and Bottles for your next party in NYC, check out this video of theirs or visit their website.